Procurement Services frequently used forms are listed below.  Please also be sure to refer to the "Helpful Links" in OSCAR on the Home/Shop page for additional content.

COVID-19 Special Programs

Nitrile Glove Purchase Procedure Fall 2020
Step-by-step instructions on how to order nitrile gloves through either the Cogswell Chemistry Stockroom or the Central Stockroom at the Service Building.

Cogswell Chemistry Stockroom Pre-Approval Request Form 

Central Stockroom, Service Building, Nitrile Glove Purchase Authorization Form

General Procurement

Certificate of Need (NYS DOH-2278)
Certificate of need to purchase and possess hypodermic needles and syringes.

DEA Form 222 (Request Only)
The DEA Form 222 is a paper-based form required to obtain a license to order controlled substances. It is requested directly from the DEA and is required to be filled out in triplicate. It also allows the exchange of controlled substances from the registrant to another party registered with the DEA (e.g., a controlled substance is sent to a reverse distributor for credit or disposal).

Independent Contractor Agreement
An agreement that details the relationship between Rensselaer and the contractor.

HR Economic Realities Test
Determines independent contractor or employee status.

Request for Sole or Single Source Procurement
The Request for Sole or Single Source Procurement Form must be completed for Requisitions that exceed the bid threshold where competition is restricted or limited in accordance with Procurement Services Policies and Procedures.

IT Security Evaluation Form
Form is required to support an assessment of the risk created by Rensselaer's reliance on an outside information technology service provider to perform business and academic functions and to manage and deliver business and academic information vital to the Institute's operation.

Gift Card Purchase Request Form
Form required for purchase of gift cards through National Gift Card.

Gift Card Distribution Form
Form to verify and account for all the cards that were distributed. The completed form should be attached to the PO in OSCAR as support. For Collegiate Store gift cards, please maintain a copy of the form in your records.


Commodity Codes
Commodity codes and buyer assignment.

Standard Invoice Form
Use this form if you need to create an invoice for a supplier.



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