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About Rensselaer's Procurement Services Department
Procurement Services is part of the Administration Division at Rensselaer and works closely with the Accounts Payable and E-Business Departments to facilitate the overall Procure-to-Pay process with the Institute's suppliers.

Procurement Services provides leadership to the Institute in the procurement of goods and services. It balances the need to provide efficient and timely service to its customers with the need to ensure purchases are in compliance with Rensselaer's policies and procedures and sound business practices. The Department is responsible for ensuring that all purchases of goods and services are made in accordance with Institute policy and, if applicable, federal and New York state policies.

Purchasing Thresholds
All purchases, regardless of funding source, are subject to the same policies.  Rensselaer issues purchase orders to obtain goods and services.  For requisitions less than $5,000, the purchase of goods and services may be made directly from any preferred or certified supplier in OSCAR, Rensselaer's e-Procurement system, or the purchaser may request that a new supplier be added to OSCAR if the goods and/or services are not available from a current supplier. However, the purchaser has an obligation to always secure reasonable prices on behalf of Rensselaer. For requisitions $5,000 and greater, a minimum of two written competitive quotations in addition to the quote desired to be used is required. Thus, it is recommended that a total of three written quotations be obtained whenever possible.

Authorized Buying Methods
Rensselaer issues purchase orders to obtain goods and services.  Only specific Procurement Services Department personnel and those designated in the Contractual Authority Policy [see section 1.3 of Procurement's Procurement Policies and Procedures] have the authority to enter into contracts or in any way obligate Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for the purchase of products and services.

Note to all suppliers: Do not provide any products or services without a valid purchase order issued by Procurement Services. Verbal order requests should not be accepted.

General Terms and Conditions
Rensselaer’s General Terms and Conditions are the Institute’s official purchase order (PO) terms and conditions.

Payment Methods
Under the discretion of Procurement Services.  

How to Participate in the Bidding Process
Suppliers interested in developing a business relationship with Rensselaer are encouraged to browse the information contained in this website. It is important for potential suppliers to learn how to partner with us to meet our business goals and to fulfill our responsibilities.    

Gifts and Gratuities
Rensselaer adheres to the Procurement Services Policies and Procedures Code of Ethics. It is against Institute policy for anyone involved with purchasing goods or services on behalf of Rensselaer to accept gifts, entertainment, favors, or services from present or potential suppliers.

Small Business Program
Rensselaer operates a Small Business Program whose mission is to maximize the opportunities for small business concerns to participate in the Institute's business of procuring goods and services at all dollar levels.

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